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Emma Kisa commented 16 days ago

Greetings.Thank you for getting intouch. Please see a link to Kenya Subnational Administrative Boundaries last updated in 2019

We hope this is what you needed. Reach out with any other requests.

angela abascal commented 15 days ago

Greetings Emma Kisa! Thank you for your reply.

The data you propose is not disaggregated enough... I would need the administrative boundaries of the sub-locations (in total 147 units), i.e. the sub-locations within each sub-county of the city of Nairobi. I found in the KNBS numerical data on this, but I would like to find the spatial information.

Thank you very much!! Best, Ángela

Emma Kisa commented 12 days ago

Dear Angela, the administrative boundary data that is currently available only goes down to sub-county level. Sub-location data is not yet available to us. When it is made available we will update the platform.

Regards, Emma.

angela abascal commented 12 days ago

Okay, thank you very much, Emma! Having this geo-data will help spatial-based research, so I hope KNBS make it available soon. Best regards, Ángela