Food Prices in South Africa

A curated list of food prices in South Africa, reported monthly on "What is the PACSA Food Basket? The PACSA Food Basket is an index for food price inflation. It provides insight into the affordability of food and other essential household requirements for working class households in a context of low wages, social grants and high levels of unemployment. The PACSA Food Basket tracks the prices of a basket of 36 basic foods which working class poor households, with 7 members, said they buy every month (based on conversations with women). The food basket is not nutritionally complete; it is a reflection of reality - what people are buying. Data is collected on the same day between the 21st and 24th of each month from six different retail stores which service the lower-income market in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. Women have told us that they base their purchasing decisions on price and whether the quality of the food is not too poor. Women are savy shoppers and so foods and their prices in each store are selected on this basis. The PACSA Food Basket tracks the foods working class households buy, in the quantities they buy them in and from the supermarkets they buy them from. PACSA has been tracking the price of the basket since 2006. We release our Food Price Barometer monthly and consolidate the data for an annual report to coincide with World Food Day annually on the 16th October." - PACSA website

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